“The book is a useful corrective for those who regard China as a calcified state-driven economy and underestimate the changes taking place.”
Financial Times

“This is the book for every person who is wondering how China’s explosive growth in business is going to impact the rest of the world.”
Zhang Ruimin, chairman of the board of directors and CEO, Haier Group

“A detailed and fascinating study of the changing landscape in China and the entrepreneurs who are driving that change forward. This is a book that will only become increasingly important in the years to come.”
Chen Dongsheng, chairman and CEO, Taikang Life Insurance Co. Ltd., and president, China Entrepreneurs Forum

“Because of Edward Tse’s unique access to the people who shape China’s economy, this book provides unparalleled insight into the life stories of China’s business leaders.”
Michael Diekmann, chairman of the board of management, Allianz SE

China’s Disruptors is a must-read for understanding the next phase of China’s economic development. It provides deep insight for all those who do business in China today or who want to participate in this dynamic economy.”
Sandra E. Peterson, group worldwide chairman, Johnson & Johnson

“No one can explain what is happening in China better than Edward Tse. The rapidly changing China is at yet another important crossroad and you will appreciate his guidance.”
Sam Su, vice chairman of the board and chairman and CEO of China Division of YUM! Brands, Inc.

“For those who think Silicon Valley is the epicenter of technology, Edward Tse will convince you otherwise. China’s Disruptors is an insightful and thought-provoking look at the ‘other’ game changers. It’s a great read for anyone with a passion for innovation and a relentless drive to win.”
Dinesh Paliwal, chairman, president, and CEO, HARMAN International

“Edward Tse is to Chinese corporate strategy what Kenichi Ohmae was to Japanese corporate strategy. This is a book that I could not put down – a deeply insightful book on China that no Chinese strategist or analyst, let alone corporate captain can ignore.”
Andrew Sheng, former Chairman of Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission and Chief Advisor, China Banking Regulatory Commission.

“Edward Tse is an influential thinker in the Chinese business community given his unique background coupled with global knowledge and perspective. China’s Disruptors will enlighten global business leaders with new visions coming from China.”
Wang Wei, Chairman, China Mergers & Acquisitions Association

“This book will change the way you view China, even if you think you are an expert. Edward Tse uses his unique insights and knowledge of China’s home-grown entrepreneurs to craft the story of the country’s emergence as a global powerhouse driven by innovative disruptors. A must read.”
Rakesh Kapoor, CEO, Reckitt Benckiser Group plc

“This is the book for every person who is wondering how China’s impressive growth in business is going to impact the rest of the world.”
Dr. Hubert Lienhard, President and CEO of Voith GmbH, Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Committee for German Business (APA)

“Edward Tse explores very clearly the rise of the China’s entrepreneurs and the opportunities their rise will generate. After reading the book it became very clear for me how global businesses will inevitably have to become more ‘Chinese’ in their manner of operating.”
Ronnie Leten, President & CEO, Atlas Copco AB

China’s Disruptors provides a bird’s eye view of the entrepreneurs driving growth and innovation in China. Edward Tse’s insights into how China’s leading businesses will shape the future are important for understanding the global marketplace. These insights along with the personal stories of China’s business leaders makes for a fascinating read.”
Nancy McKinstry, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, Wolters Kluwer, NV

“Edward Tse offers a fascinating and insightful journey through the successive generations of spirited entrepreneurs who overcame a once business-averse environment to shape China’s free enterprise.”
Olivier Bohuon, Chief Executive Officer, Smith & Nephew Plc

“An amazing book on Chinese entrepreneurs who are re-shaping the Chinese economy and perhaps, the World in the longer term. It helps business people from the West to better understand how this major new force has come about and how it might change the economic landscape worldwide.”
Vincent H. S. Lo, GBS, JP; Chairman, Shui On Group

“In China’s Disruptors, Edward Tse provides the kind of insight that only comes from a true insider. If you want to understand what’s behind the unprecedented growth of China’s private sector and what it means for the rest of the world, read this book.”
Feng Lun, Chairman of the Board, Vantone Holdings Co., Ltd.

“In the Internet era, China has outpaced most advanced countries in terms of new technology adaptation and economic growth. In this book, Edward Tse clearly illustrates how China’s explosive growth in business will continue to impact the whole country and the rest of the world.”
Yu Gang, Ph.D., Chairman and Co-founder, Yihaodian

“Essential insights about an emerging class of competitors from China who will dramatically change the competitive playing field as we know it, told by China’s leading global strategy consultant, Dr. Edward Tse.”
Ronald R. Haddock, Vice President, Strategy and Business Transformation, Johnson Controls

“Edward Tse has been discussing the eventual onslaught of China’s disruptors for well over a decade. The day when these disruptors are on the world stage and are changing the economics and geopolitics of business is finally upon us. If you’re running a global business in any industry, the Chinese disruptors will reshape your business. No one understands that better than Ed and can tell the story in such a compelling fashion. A must read for today’s business leaders.”
Shane Tedjarati, President & CEO, High Growth Regions, Honeywell

“China will become, if it not already, the most important market for all high growth companies in the world. Edward Tse’s book will provide important insights to the decision makers in these companies.”
Antony Leung, Group CEO, Nan Fung Group; Former Financial Secretary, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government

“In China’s Disruptors, Edward Tse takes into the fascinating world of China’s leading entrepreneurs. In the process, he shows us a business community that is far more adaptive, flexible, open-minded, and innovative then international observers realize. China’s Disruptors is a must read for those who wish to understand the companies and entrepreneurs that are changing China and eventually the world.”
Michael J. Enright, Sun Hung Kai Professor, University of Hong Kong and Director Enright, Scott & Associates

“Edward Tse has perfectly captured what is today’s China’s economy made of. China’s disruptors, often looked down by their Western counterparts, are the main driver behind China’s dynamism today. We in the West have much to learn from them. Today, China’s disruptors; tomorrow, the world’s disruptors.”
Roland Decorvet, Former Chairman and CEO of Nestle Greater China